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Under this agreement, Realtyview.net will maintain ownership of all photos and images supplied by us and grants rather broad property marketing usage rights solely to you (the buyer). Usage rights include but are not limited to online listings, print advertisements, brochures and direct mail promoting the property, and any other usage deemed solely for the purpose of marketing this property.

Without securing additional rights under separate agreement, you may not use the images for general company promotion.

Usage rights are never saleable or transferable to any third party, i.e. architect, builder, homeowner or another realtor. Selling or transferring to a third party is an infringement of copyright and will be subject to remuneration.

Any and all editorial usage must be credited with “©GraniteStudios.com 2022”. Failure to include credit will incur additional charges. This includes any editorial usage in a newspaper, magazine and on the Internet. Realtyview does not require a credit in advertorial usage.

It is to your advantage to include the above credit line in instances of advertorial or marketing usages, though it is not required. You want prospects and clients to know you use a leading real estate photography firm in your marketing.

Realtyview.net is owned and operated by Granite Studios LLC.

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